Introducing Mainline Armada Tools....Tools that Go the Distance

A collection designed to tackle any tough job with reliability and durability. We know what it takes to get the job done. Backed by a company with an impeccable reputation and a long-standing history in the industry, these tools have been designed and crafted to go the distance. 

Fitting BrushesFitting Brushes

Strong joints are essential in plumbing and refrigeration. These fitting brushes come in 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 4-in-1 to clean the inside of copper tubing and fittings prior to soldering for solid connections. Bristles are made from durable corrosion-resistant carbon steel.



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Prepare to be enlightened by our series of flashlights with industry leading CREE LED bulbs. Available in headlamp and handheld models with brightness up to 2200 lumens, illumination is guaranteed. 



Hands always need protection on a work site, but different jobs require different pairings. From latex coated multi-purpose, to lightweight jersey knit, to flexible leather general use to neoprene padded abrasion resistant, we've got you covered.


Score a strike every time with this hammer built for durability and comfort. Head is made from 45# carbon steel with a smooth face and curved claw. Fiberglass contoured handle absorbs vibration and reduces fatigue. 


Rise to any job's level with this tool that's got everything you need: impact resistant construction, durable aluminum rails, built in magnet with V groove, three bubble vials for vertical, horizontal and 45 degree leveling and rubber end caps for extra protection.

PVC Cutters

For a tool that's a cut above, choose these PVC cutters. Available in 1-1/4" and 2" ratcheting models and a 3/4" flexible tube cutter, they can be used with most types of PVC, CPVC, PEX, and PE. Replacement blades are also available. 


These pliers will really sink teeth into a project. Get a sure bite from the sharp, angled pipe wrench teeth on the 10" slip joint pliers. Use the serrated jaw on the 8" wire model to diagonally cut soft and hard wire. 


For all you construction comrades, our variety of saws, from cable to hacksaw, are ideal companions to ensure you "saw" it all. 


One tool... unlimited drive... Our multi-bit screwdriver is an all-in-one, space-saving solution with two Phillips head and two standard head sizes included. 

Tape Measures

Measure twice, cut once. Work with confidence using this 25-foot tape that offers a magnetic end hook, locking option, auto retract, and 1" wide yellow steel band with easy-to-read numbers. 

Tubing Cutters

"Cut it out" means something positive when these are on the job. Our collection of cutters - auto-cut, close quarters and screw feed - make smooth, uniform cuts on most copper, aluminum and stainless steel pipes and tubing. 

Utility Knives

Tis handy tool certainly lives up to its name. Equal parts box cutter, letter opener, even pizza slicer (in a pinch), it is a useful addition to an everything drawer, workbench and shop. 

Water Meter Keys

Sometimes we have to go against the flow. When it involves our water main, the right tool is key... that is, water meter key. This tool opens/closer curb water meters with a rebar shaft and handle giving you the reach and leverage needed to get below ground. 


Our useful assortment of wrenches promises to help you get a grip. From a set of the basics that everyone needs on hand to specialized tools for specific jobs, these wrenches are built for maximum durability and efficiency. 


Backed by a One-Year Warranty.